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NBA Draft 2010: Overrated, Underrated

By Ron Jumper

Nothing gets me more fired up than ranting and raving about how crazy NBA scouts and GMs are. I’m always amazed at the evaluation process that determines the rankings of the players. I just can’t, for the life of me, figure out the reasoning behind it. To get started with my NBA Draft coverage, I thought I would examine a few players who I strongly disagree with the scouts about.

Derrick Favors, Georgia Tech
I know he was anointed as the top player in this class coming out of high school but, other than scouts just being stubborn to admit they were wrong, why is he still considered a top 5 pick? Can someone explain to me how a guy who has not scored in double-figures in 8 of his last 13 games is supposed to be the answer to some team’s prayers on draft night. At this point, I hope he stays in school for another year because if he comes out and the team that drafts him is expecting to build around him then they just might be disappointed.

Cole Aldrich, Kansas
Again, what am I missing? How is he not Eric Montross 2.0? I just look at Aldrich as a guy who will really struggle against athletic big men in the NBA, as his lateral quickness leaves something to be desired. I don’t see his game developing on the offensive end either, as his quirky shooting form will make adding things like a turnaround jumper that much harder to develop. At the college level, he is great. No complaints, but expecting him to ever average more than 7-5-1 in the NBA is another discussion.


Greg Monroe, Georgetown

After discussing the other two big men, how is Greg Monroe not the OBVIOUSLY SUPERIOR PROSPECT?!?! He shoots better, scores more points per game, and is just as good a rebounder and shot blocker. Oh, and he is the best passing big man in the country. Think about that, the guy just had a 12 assist game! How many college big men get 12 assists a week even? Some don’t get that in a month. The guy has off the chart basketball abilities. How can scouts compare someone like Florida State’s Soloman Alabi to Monroe? Alabi is a raw, uncoordinated 7-footer with “upside” due to only playing basketball a few years but Monroe is already there. Basically, whoever drafts Alabi is hoping he can develop the abilities Monroe has now. Think about it. This is why I would sell my soul to get a shot at being an NBA GM…

James Anderson, Oklahoma State
This guy is going to end up being a star in the NBA, mark it down. He is better than Evan Turner, whom some scouts are now projecting in the Top 5. Anderson has such a silky smooth offensive game that you just can’t teach. Guys that can score like him just don’t come around very often. Averaging 22.6 ppg, Anderson is one of the most explosive scorers in the country. Blessed with NBA size at 6’6” and a nice shooting stroke, I just don’t understand how someone like UConn’s Stanley Robinson or Texas’ Damion James can really be ranked ahead of him. Robinson has great athleticism, but there is just no way he will ever have the skill level of Anderson. Damion James is a good shooter and has solid size, but he lacks the quickness to break down defenders at the NBA level.

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